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Mallory - FULL SET! 

 this is the best review I have ever read about a band before, so I wont even attempt to write my own review, spot on. : 

"…there is a great crime in abandoning the idea of singing as a mechanism of vocal tone and harmony in punk music, and Mallory does a great job of leading the way for the riot folk movement to embrace the beautiful elements of music that punx have often discarded as being unsalvageable or undesirable.

[mallory] exhibits creative and heart-wrenching lyrics in a genre that might be in danger of losing a bit of it’s depth as folks start to trade lyrical polish for complexity in instrumentation. Rather than working against their ruckus-y sound, Mallory’s often times anxious and lonely lyrics rise above their instrumentation to provide anthems for a generation that finds it’s emotions, even it’s sadder emotions, welling inside of them with an energy that this society tries to hold back. Maybe it’s the almost Smiths-esque self doubt, maybe it’s the sense of freight-train-blues heartbreak, maybe it’s the hints of Bright Eyes-y lyrical flourishes, whatever you want to call it, I feel like it finds a particular meaning for the nomads and misfits who refuse to kill the future… In short, Mallory is music for those who know the ship is sinking, but refuse to go down without their voices being heard, even if they are screaming apologies to people and homes long gone.”

—Dziga Bair of PosiPunx web forum (thepositivepunx.com)

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